Justin Reed(ジャスティン リード)

Justin Reed(ジャスティン リード)

Suffolk Community College(1993)


NOVA (2009-2016)
Senior Corporate Service Representative法務上級補助員(2004-2009)
Quality Assurance Representative品質保証担当員 (2003-2008)






Anything relating to music (playing, writing, dancing, etc.)


For a nearly a decade, it has been my pleasure to teach students wanting to become more fluent English-speakers. My focus is on communicating clearly and effectively the things you truly wish to say. I see English as more than a subject of study, it is a doorway to more genuine contact with the world. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in English and getting to know you better in the process.


火曜日 15:00〜21:00
水曜日 15:00〜21:00
木曜日 15:00〜21:00
金曜日 15:00~20:15
土曜日  9:00~18:00